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I dont like to do this... butt

So Im going to say this first... I dont like to voice my opinions on specific issues, or support specific candidates, I like to point out issues I see going unresolved and insult the panderers who try to avoid seeking resolution, I believe in some issues dims (democrats) "sell us promises" and some issues rapes (republicans) "sell us promises"... I am not going to say, if I want you to vote for Kari Lake or Katie Hobbs, butt I will show you what happens when I point out flaws and issues and how the candidates (offices) react, what those bias media hustlers and selfish better than special interest groups will not do!

When it comes to politics I don't and usually can't support "party" politics, it's like signing a contract to eat whatever gets put in front of you... and then the meal is your favorite, topped with a chemical that will cause you to die.. you may have a few years you may have more... but the cancer will kill you, and spread to those you come in contact with, your family, the neighbors, yall are all dying (from a different type of cancer)..... Its terrible!

I believe in ideals and issues that so many of the parties members and their "glory hole attendants" don't believe in, or take lightly... Like creating business plans that show likely results, and signed predrafted legislation to introduce on day one.. Yall are in the party? where's ya people at?

Democrats take one kind of liberty and republicans take another.. the result seems to be that as a mass of people we have less. Less certainty in our freedoms and are forced to battle each other to the death. For people who have a .02 percent attendance rate at their monthly meetings! The worst thing is...asside from the lies and panderings they tell at these meetings.. The issues most argued by these clowns and their rape-ishly bias mass media partners effect the least impactful issues.

Does your favorite news station have weekly or monthly ideas, updates, suggestions and opportunities for the public to voice their ideas on topics like: balancing the state and local government budget? No they don't do nothing like that, they have decided to sell us ads, at our expense... and we know the government doesn't do that. ( But, I have something in the works, so stay updated.)

So heres the issue, tucked behind a Kari lake picture and that intro.. I don't entirely agree with her positions and some I disagree with. But I offered this to Katie Hobbs, so I did the same with Lake.

I feel her office might help.. we will find out.. but I have serious doubts.. So here is the letter I provided to her staff, they (he) did the same thing every other elected office staffer has done when asking them to get a response from the elected official, they said they didn't have what I was asking about (we don't have translations of criminal and civil law... but we are working on making translations of some other less useful info.. like our website.)

I asked her Hispanic outreach person to give her the letter, the young person gave me several signals I didn't find to be comforting or honest.. The card he gave me directed me to a number with a full mail box and he has not replied to texts..

Here is the letter, asking for translations of governing law.. I know its bias, but its true and all people deserve access to a certain amount of info when it comes to the law, in order to operate fairly. and to keep the people safe...

PS. The staffer started to imply that translations were in the works, I don't believe he was talking about laws, he was probably being a jerk, if the Hispanic community needs translations of Kari Lakes website, then shouldn't the logical conclusion be, they most defiantly need translations of governing law and that is an issue I believe would have been apparent.. I believe her site would have posted a statement.. I guess we will find out soon... Please be advised, there is always a possibility that they are busy and will contact me to inform they will help with the issue. In that case an apology is due.


This letter has been edited to correct minor spelling and punctuation errors


To Kari Lake,

The following is an opportunity to offer an improvement to the public safety and greater well being of the state of Arizona, and show the opposition will continue failing to serve the people. I have found no argument the following will not be beneficial and also bring a greater respect to the people, the office and you. (The result being votes). (As I cant foresee your thoughts, this is brief. If you have doubts or debate I will gladly address them.)

First its easy, cheap, simple to understand and create, Second its an improvement that should only result in positives, it compliments your current policies on illegal activity... it is collectively: Considerate, Compassionate and Fair in its reasoning and practice.

Even if you determine action requires further review, asking voters if they want it, and making it happen will be a victory for Arizonans, Americans and Human rights.

Language translations of Arizona Governing laws: Requiring all civil and criminal texts of the state and its jurisdictions be translated (into Spanish). The inability of non-English readers to review the laws results in a situation where: We are all victimized, a “criminal element” or “counter culture” thrives and this results in the several burdens we are faced with by those elements (a symptom of a greater distrust). The non-English readers can neither be fully productive members of the community or appreciate the value we place on the laws and ideals that govern our great state (and nation). They can neither be certain of their responsibilities, rights, acknowledge the wrongs against the Arizonan or give us the respect due as a state and nation who is in never ending improvement.

Introducing this improvement to our justice system would dispel the several panderings by democrats (katie hobbs) and special interest groups who claim to have the best interest of Arizonans, Americans and hispanics of the world in mind. As they have all done a great disservice to the people (most greatly to the American people). The numerous illegal activities, undocumented jobs and illegal migrations results in modern day slavery and second class servitude, where the dims hold knowledge and ability as power over these people, while blaming their opponents. This is only an introduction.. To put it simply the only way to govern fairly is to introduce the laws that govern before those laws are enforced (when reasonably possible).

If you would act in a pre-emptive ascent to office and service to the people of Arizona and assist in contacting representatives who will draft legislation to address this issue, and inform the voters of your doing this... (I believe just telling voters you are working on this) will greatly propel not only you, but other like minded people to victory in this coming election. (The secretary of state could have created translations of the laws, Katie chose to not do so, even when her office was presented with a federal claim, her office had no response). Please contact me with your decision as soon as possible. As there are some political entanglements with others I have propositioned, and an unrelated issue I believe you would be delighted to assist with, its detailed in the accompanying photo.(Any help would be appreciated)

Thank you for your time and if it required, I hope you appreciate the donation.

NICHOLAS woodall


3710 W. northern ave. 318 12pm - 9pm knock hard

Phx, Az, 85051

Ps. If you are curious, As far as I have searched, no special interest group (Hispanic activist or other activist group has ever created or distributed translations of Arizona or other laws, any that has does not print, offer or advertise can check the biggest, smallest, your favorite and the one you hate most.. They don’t have it, they probably don’t want it.)

A picture of me with L. Ingrahams bestie is included.. (Just like the local stations, Ray didnt help.. If you can direct the person or people who can..

The following are the relevant laws that allow you to address this issue.. and allow your (our) legislators to create the law. It is possible they may not be complete as other laws may have escaped me.

The powers of the Governor

4. Governor; powers and duties; special sessions of legislature; message and recommendations

Section 4. The governor shall transact all executive business with the officers of the government, civil and military, and may require information in writing from the officers in the executive department upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices. He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. He may convene the legislature in extraordinary session. He shall communicate, by message, to the legislature at every session the condition of the state, and recommend such matters as he shall deem expedient. << end of text >>

To ensure translations fully conform with Arizona Constitutional Law may require some form of disclaimer, a defense against a less likely event of a translation error that cant be caught by English only readers:

These translations are offered only as general info and/or : Translations should be used for the purpose of reference only.

Article 28 of Constitution Arizona Official Language: English

1. Definitions

Section 1. In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Government" includes all laws, public proceedings, rules, publications, orders, actions, programs, policies, departments, boards, agencies, organizations and instrumentalities of this state or political subdivisions of this state, as appropriate under the circumstances to a particular official action.

2. "Official action" includes the performance of any function or action on behalf of this state or a political subdivision of this state or required by state law that appears to present the views, position or imprimatur of the state or political subdivision or that binds or commits the state or political subdivision, but does not include:

(a) The teaching of or the encouragement of learning languages other than English.

(b) Actions required under the federal individuals with disabilities education act or other federal laws.

(c) Actions, documents or policies necessary for tourism, commerce or international trade.

(d) Actions or documents that protect the public health and safety, including law enforcement and emergency services.

<<< This allows for you to request creation of translations, to ensure non english readers, KNOW THE LAW! >>>

(e) Actions that protect the rights of victims of crimes or criminal defendants.

(f) Using terms of art or phrases from languages other than English.

(g) Using or preserving Native American languages.

(h) Providing assistance to hearing impaired or illiterate persons.

(i) Informal and nonbinding translations or communications among or between representatives of government and other persons if this activity does not affect or impair supervision, management, conduct or execution of official actions and if the representatives of government make clear that these translations or communications are unofficial and are not binding on this state or a political subdivision of this state.

(j) Actions necessary to preserve the right to petition for the redress of grievances.

3. "Preserve, protect and enhance the role of English" includes:

(a) Avoiding any official actions that ignore, harm or diminish the role of English as the language of government.

(b) Protecting the rights of persons in this state who use English.

(c) Encouraging greater opportunities for individuals to learn the English language.

(d) To the greatest extent possible under federal statute, providing services, programs, publications, documents and materials in English.

4. "Representatives of government" includes all individuals or entities during the performance of the individual's or entity's official actions.

2. Official language of Arizona

Section 2. The official language of the state of Arizona is English.

3. Preserving and enhancing the role of the official language; right to use English

Section 3. A. Representatives of government in this state shall preserve, protect and enhance the role of English as the official language of the government of Arizona.

B. A person shall not be discriminated against or penalized in any way because the person uses or attempts to use English in public or private communication.

4. Official actions to be conducted in English

Section 4. Official actions shall be conducted in English.

5. Rules of construction

Section 5. This article shall not be construed to prohibit any representative of government, including a member of the legislature, while performing official duties, from communicating unofficially through any medium with another person in a language other than English if official action is conducted in English.

6. Standing; notification of attorney general; recovery of costs

Section 6. A. A person who resides or does business in this state may file a civil action for relief from any official action that violates this article in a manner that causes injury to the person.

B. A person who resides or does business in this state and who contends that this article is not being implemented or enforced may file a civil action to determine if the failure or inaction complained of is a violation of this article and for injunctive or mandatory relief.

C. A person shall not file an action under this section unless the person has notified the attorney general of the alleged violation and the attorney general or other appropriate representative of government has not provided appropriate relief within a reasonable time under the circumstances. An action filed under this section may be in addition to or in lieu of any action by officers of this state, including the attorney general.

D. A person who files and is successful in an action under this section may be awarded all costs expended or incurred in the action, including reasonable attorney fees. << end of text >>

So that's it, Katie Hobbs office didn't reply to a similar request, we will see if this is one of those situations where the staffer gets the blame or if "the office" tells us they are not capable or provided enough to handle the situation.. if its the second, were likely in for another horrible term with a bunch of less than capable people.

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