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Thoughts On Abortion

Im not informed enough about the process of birth or a woman's body, to say when or if abortion should be banned. These are just thoughts on how to advance the argument on abortion, allowing a more definitive determination to be made, to end the back and forth. I find it strange that no mention is made in regards to a woman's ability to have a baby safely in instances where it is determined that it would be dangerous to a woman's health to carry and give birth. Instances where severe injuries have occurred or a great burden would be incurred by carrying children, The issue has not been addressed to say if the burden relieves the duty to grow and birth life. Especially in situations of unplanned or forced conception. Unrelated but not unwarranted, should people have to repay government assistance they receive if they reach a certain level of wealth, comfort or tax bracket? Even though this may sound bias, they are only thoughts and I'm just curious why the legislation I have heard about has not addressed this issue as there are certainly situations that could present for review to be exempt. The measure might be: to lose a productive member Vs to gain a debt and hope for another productive member +or against: The measure of how a right to life is measured. This is concept nothing more. Improve or disprove away.


Head of Operations at TruthJusticeLiberty.Org

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