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The following materials do not reflect the site operators or artist's political views, they are here for your needs, entertainment or communication "porpoises" or purposes while promoting the issues of this site. Custom works and edits are available for free, small fees, work, trade and/or social media promotion.. "If you share a story"

The following pictures can be viewed in high resolution by request and purchased in several mediums available as shirts and wall hangings.. More to come.

The following pictures are a re-imagining and recreation of the classic Spy Vs Spy comic, An official name has not been decided on, but it will likely be: Drunk Vs  Ass, A tool for exposing  the "not so great" party members as enemies of the ideals most humans regard as sacred. While they are not "Comics" yet, the future is undetermined.

Title: "Unwritten Promise's" or hope on a rope

hypno dollar spy copy for inerternet sig
Spy DemocR_edited_edited.jpg

Title: De'Moc'R' or Fog u allso

Title: TransDermal Splash or penny for your thoughts

spy olives and a splash_edited.jpg

The following are a pair of mirrored images together called: eye's dont care, and seperatly: PRIdVate Party also not invited,  and the other is called DenemaIsgo aWay also I cant hear you... 

pREDvite party  go away png_edited_edite
Denemisco away png_edited_edited.png
GReenish crook truthjusticeliberty dot o

Greenish Thug and the Cops who love'em:
Its a cheap work in progress that needs blending, but the issues come first.

 Will You Be?
Cover pic for general story id like to have enough money (contacts) to research.

will you be death signed copy 3.jpg

HOPE YOU ENJOYED There are several more to upload, and I will try to do so this week or next.

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