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Ideas for Legislation and Solutions

Education before punishment is the only way to govern fairly.

Below are solutions to issues and legislation proposed for creation, sent to state legislators and representatives to the US House and Senate. They are options not demands, the demand is for solutions, if you have ideas, either contact or post in comments.

As Americans we deserve these rights, they are not much different than the civil rights we already possess, granted by our federal and state governments, They are expansions and updates upon them. Simple cost saving improvements to a justice system that is foundationally sound.. The right to fair treatment under the law, increased or introduced access to the laws that govern our nation and an increase in justice for all. A formal introduction to the laws that govern as a humans right and more importantly an Americans right... To ensure that crime and oppression dont thrive and that knowledge is the deciding factor in peoples actions, to make a better America. One that communicates.. 

Even though their are numerous positions and opinions ( political and ideological ) that can be taken on these issues, the solutions and the situations around them. I don't think mine are relevant or will help achieve the goal of attaining these civil and human rights. I just don't feel informed enough to make a decision.. So please feel welcome to help our fellow Americans and Humans with these issues free from dissuasion. And please ignore any spelling, language or structure error, as the language and content is constantly changing among other reasons. If you see any issues of mangled sentences, please inform me through the contact form or by phone.




This is an older version of a letter sent to the following and below that who replied. Its poorly written and the current letter is much shorter avoiding any deviation from the needed solutions.

This is the letter sent to members of the US House, Senate and several state legislators..

There have been many versions, this is the most recent. In addition to this letter I called these elected offices on a recorded phone line and verified a few things.


1. I verified the email was received.

2. I had the staffer read me the title of the email. Which read "Legislation to create educational materials for interactions with law enforcement and criminal law translations".

3. I called back to check if the elected official was made aware.


This letter asks for the creation of programs that fix use and understanding issues that exist in our justice system.

Update: I was recently told of a way to get to translate to other languages using google translate, however the issue is still the same, google translate does not always work and is in not official, dependable or available for non google users.

Be warned it is written poorly, but the message and what I and many others believe is needed is here, So here's the letter, with poor wording and run on sentences.

Here's the letter

Filled in the subject line of the contact forms read


Creation of education materials for interactions with law enforcement and law language translations and more.

The body read


I am asking that a bill, amendment or legislation is made requiring all state and federal jurisdictions\districts have or create:

Educational materials for interactions with law enforcement and measures of punishment. Law translations into the languages of the world and the addition of law resources with accompanying questions to naturalization tests. Consultants for answering legal questions, Assured easy access to these materials and programs, The inclusion of pain and suffering restitution in states protection for victims rights.

These are issues I feel our nation deserves to see addressed, not because I'm tired of hearing the same stories on the news, but because of a life of experiences with these issues. I know the positive effects that will result from these improvements. But be warned, I am not exceptionally schooled or good at writing, There are more than likely grammar errors, bad sentence structure, poor topic transition and a place or two that a technical term would be better fitting than the word I used. If I fail to meet your standard of needs or you don't see reason for these improvements, then please ask me to explain.

These are the arguments for the stated improvements and updates as simply as I can put them.

How can expectations be placed on a person who has not been clearly explained what is requested of them. If we do not make sure that law and punishment have been communicated properly and understood, how can we expect value and respect to the standard we desire and deserve? Is it fair to place an unexpected or misunderstood punishment on a person not aware of the severity of their crime, to allow a person to be victimized because they were not aware protection or help was available, or worse to know crime or civil unethical behavior could have been prevented, but a person didn't feel comfortable and informed enough to reach out.

It's unfair to all sides, victim and offender, Americans and anyone who was burdened and also unhealthy, unwise and unprosperous to continue to allow the same problems to cause us suffering, dispute and division in our country. The protest, riots, deaths, law suits, distractions, stress... all causing loss. All time that could be spent pursuing solutions to other issues. These are problems that affect all Americans, not just the poor or minority. Increased access, understanding and use of the justice system will make us a better functioning society. Better communication will make us safer, healthier, smarter and happier, more prepared for the future.

*The creation of educational materials for teaching the rules of interaction with law enforcement and measures of punishment:

Education will provide the public with expectations of their rights and responsibilities when making police reports, during questioning, arrests or other encounters. Clearly defined rules and expectations will give people the info they need to eliminate as much uncomfort and confusion as possible. No more (or much less) debate.. Is a suspect in the right or are they resisting arrest, is force excessive?


Materials and education on measures of punishment, will give the community a chance to look at the cost of crime vs its punishment and I hope easily dissuade any at risk of offending, It would have changed my life.

(With a sentence, It could also introduce or reinforce planning and money budgeting thinking. This country needs that)

The details of both of these topics (interaction and punishment) are something a group of experienced law enforcers, lawyers and experts should (hopefully) be able to make, very quick. An oral presentation(video? for schools, activity centers and public centers) and pamphlets should consist of the issues that have grown to be confusion (word of mouth has never compared to having info in hand or being shown as a reminder). Explanation of a persons rights and responsibilities and explanation of an enforcers duties: Their rights and responsibilities.

Explanation of measure of punishment could be a simple charted calculator sheet. These information's need to be available online and in print in proper hands and places(courts, library's, schools, ports of entry, enforcer vehicle's etc.) and of course translated into each regions most common languages.

*Increased accessibility and language translations of laws:


Millions of Americans don't speak English and more don't read it.

In my search neither our courts, advocate groups or any (embassies as of 2017) of the world have other language law translations. We would be the first country I'm aware of to do this.

Making law requiring State Statutes and Us Code website links such as are made easily accessible on Police, Sheriff, C.B.P. and other law organization websites. Also making official translations of these laws. (and the appropriate portions of sites) in all written languages of the world (starting with the most commonly used) Additionally having paper materials to inform of where to find laws when appropriate: In courts, ports of entry and enforcer vehicle's. (Think: You can find laws here! pamphlet's or posters)next to (Your rights and responsibilities when interacting with law enforcement.) Because... These links and materials are easily created, but not there. It's a roadblock to fair access, healthy inclusion and communication. I have had hours of conversations with law enforcers around the country who can't say. Or dont say where to find the laws they enforce are online.

Translations are needed, Because currently there are no translations, Google is not an official translation and that is reason enough to create these translations. If access to laws and punishments were available, people would be more aware, informed and better prepared to make statements, protect themselves and our communities. Communication promotes healthy inclusion.


*Addition of law resources and the adding of legal questions to naturalization, temporary visa and other appropriate tests:

To be healthy, informed visitors, workers, citizens and patriots of America and not just migrants, or expats requires knowing what protections and expectations persons in our country are entitled to. Laws define these, introducing and teaching ideals and history without laws creates unbalance. Nothing complex, just make sure applicants know where to find the info.

*Legal consultants free and conveniently accessible for questions enforcers and court employees can not answer:

I can not do the research need to say what is possible and fair, but there is no doubt that at least consultations are deserved to middle to low income persons.

Law enforcement, court and government employees are prohibited or discouraged from answering questions into specific legalities and can not (or do not) legally give definitive answers. This gives a neutral person to ask these questions, making communication feel safer and more comfortable.

If the government creates a law for the people, Isn't it also their job to inform and educate. Information in regards to governing laws should always be free, never for a fee. Ask a lawyer is not an acceptable response when the burden of communication is the responsibility of the government in this situation.

A few volunteers in each city or state based on demand. A legal line\desk at courts filled with attorneys or lawyers having proper insurance and separation from government responsibility for mistakes. Possibly part of a requirement...(x) hours a month to keep a legal license in their state.

*Pain and suffering protection for victims:

This particular issue is one I am still researching, I have received no information to tell me that what I have been told by the Arizona bar, courts employees, probation offices, criminals and cops would be untrue.. no word back from any judges.

Victims in every state I have contacted (AZ, CA, CO, MT, TX, etc.)several and counting, do not receive pain and suffering compensation as part of the restitution assistance included in their victims rights services, that means victims are not compensated for the time lost at work, or job loss from injury or time in court, the damages to their reputation, etc. and they must seek being made whole in a separate court at a separate time, without the help of victims services to guide, comfort and keep them safe. Exposing victims to further interaction with offenders. This also adds a burden on taxpayers who will pay for a separate judge, court, transport of prisoners, etc.

* U.S. Patent fee waivers and deferrals for low income persons


Again I do not have the resources to research this properly, But I can say that to promote innovation and fair use, our nation should review the options available to provide a greater use of the patent system through equity programs. Creating percentage of gains options and deferral options for paying fees associated with patents. Copyrights and trademarks are priced very fairly so thumbs up on that.

I am still reaching out to states and attempting to find a judge who might have a better insight into possible options for the best way to include these protections.

This lack of fairness to receive justice and fair treatment under the law creates a resentment toward the system that fails us, Its not always fully understood by those not being treated fairly and if you wanted an honest answer you would have to be a part of these communities who don't trust our elected officials because of oversites and reasons like these.

You may feel these updates and improvements are not necessary, if that is your position. I must know why, Please reach out no matter what your feelings. Even if it's to say that the Representative is aware and will reply in order of priority. Even if all you feel yall can do is make up one of these improvements, that's a whole lot and a good start.

Thank you for your service, time and help. May the lord give you all due blessings and limitless mercy.

Nicholas Wo..... 5122978742

PS. Please forgive me if I came across as rude. I apologize for that. Also again sorry for poor transitions of topic and my ability to close a letter.

Info relating to interactions with law enforcement

** Texas senate passed a law in 2017 requiring interaction materials be created and available to the public. I have struggled to get these materials, the info is limited (below is info from Harris county) ( I have not received reply from any other county) the info does not address several issues: rights explained the reason a right is a right(relation to law) or the reason a responsibility is a responsibility, etc. The material also leaves out guidelines of reasonable questioning and when responses are not required, its too long etc..... it will differ from county to county, I'm still waiting on replies since July (covid) But It's a start of something to look at.. the info is at the bottom if you would like to review it and I'm more than happy to provide the materials from other counties as I get them along with my opinions (from the perspective of... my experiences)

Tx sb 30 link to Houston's materials

legislation link


End of letter


If you would like to reach out to the offices of elect that have been contacted, they are listed below. You can start by asking if the (your) elected official has been informed and is aware of these issues. (then ask when they will begin working to correct these issues.)


contacts for us members of the house and senate

all verifications and conversations have been recorded

Arizona representatives to the US House 

1st   O'Halleran, Tom   (202) 225-3361​

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed 

2nd  Kirkpatrick, Ann   (202) 225-2542

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed

3rd  Grijalva, Raul  (202) 225-2435

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed, verified received by staffer. I was told by a staffer that the issues will be reviewed by the bill drafter and it will be several months work.. NO REPLY TO THE MESSAGES AFTER JANUARYS  I would call this the "I will call you" that cost poor american lives, lots of time, energy and money too.​ The responsible thing was to reply back.

rbenzoni  staffer who lies1.jpg
rbenzoni p2_edited.jpg

4th  Gosar, Paul A.  (202) 225-2315

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed

5th  Biggs, Andy  (202) 225-2635

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed, verified received by staffer

6th  Schweikert, David  (202) 225-2190 

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed


7th  Gallego, Ruben  (202) 225-4065

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed, verified received by staffer and was replied to with generic "flake out".. I called to Washington D.C. and informed the phone staffer of the generic reply I received that did not address the issues and asked to receive a conscious response acknowledging the issues I brought up.. No reply back.


+ The shop with a cop scam: I have spoken several times with mr. gallego's staff and several times they have brushed me off, sending complaints to the wrong agency, avoiding contacting the fbi. will not reply to my messages.

8th  Lesko, Debbie  (202) 225-4576 

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed, verified received and was contacted on phone by a staffer, we had two poor conversations over a bad connection where she informed me she read part of the letter, that she believed language translations existed on DOJ and FBI websites, That legal representation exists for persons who can not afford it.. that is not the case. Help is very limited and requires a police report be filed,(only criminal) it is also limited in who they help) she double talked addressing other people with her without talking away from the phone or changing her speech, she suggested Mrs. Lesko was not interested. She would neither confirm or deny if Mrs. Lesko was aware of the issues, SHE said she was looking into the issues and could not discuss any further. she refused to give contact info and will not reply to request for updates.

+the shop with a cop scam: Debbie's office filed a request for information from the fbi, they're reply back was that they would review the information. Her staff refuses to do anything further and even refuses to tell me of their powers to take this further.. refusing to vow the crimes will be stopped criminals accountable.. Refusing to help

9th  Stanton, Greg  (202) 225-9888  

+ Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed, verified received by staffer

Arizona senators to the us senate

Kelly, Mark  202-224-2235


 + Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed, Verified received by staffer and was told will be "passed along"

+ i have filed twice with mr. Kelly's constituent services, I was contacted and told i will be contacted in the future.

Sinema, Kyrsten  (202) 224-4521

 + Criminal law language translations, education for interactions with police and more: Emailed, Verified received by staffer and staffer was not willing to acknowledge if Mrs. Sinema was aware, showed no empathy or understanding for the persons effected by these issues. Staffer called about a separate issue and promised to inform the senator of the issues (+) before the holiday break. several replies back all generic, i doubt any of them read.

+ The shop with a cop scam: I have reached out to sinemas constituent services on at least 4 occasions left numerous messages and have not received a reply back.

Here is a 'hoper' from the then senator and now vice presidents office.

reply from the senators

I also sent the first versions of the Interactions with law enforcement letter to Mr. McCain and Jeff Flakes offices in 2017 along with the shop with a cop scam info, This was my first encounter with a staffer move I now call the "flake out" as seen in the article titled government offices and elect responses.

thank you

updates soon.. hopefully

below are emails I received from the white house email

the reply might have flown if i had not also mentioned that there was a criminal matter that i could not find help with. I may have even mentioned it was kids charities being robbed. so it was never read or it was just to hard to reply to, either way that staffer is most likely fired now.

but here is what you get. 

white house auto reply pic_edited.jpg
white house 1st reply
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