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(for legal reasons, consider these opinions) The corrupt Arizona headquartered company Outreach Marketing, partnered with a dozen police and sheriffs unions across the nation is extorting millions of dollars every year, taking the money from donations meant for kids. Outreach employees make claims they are communities local fraternal law organization and that donations it collects provide clothes, school supplies and holiday gifts to needy kids, as well as some time to get to know their local law enforcers. When contacting people, outreach employees say they're law enforcers, use intimidating language and lies to get people's money. Their partners in law enforcement are aware of what's going on and are knowingly and unknowingly involved in the lies told to their communities.

No law enforcement agency has taken action even after continuous complaints and further evidence. No news agency is willing to investigate or expose. Outreach continues to aggressively reach deep into the pockets of everyday charitable persons and big business donors, stunting the growth and damaging the wellbeing of the communities they interact with.

Now that you know the story share this with a friend and

call your favorite news station

The following is a script: Thousands of kids and tens of thousands of charitable people across the nation are being deprived and victimized, please go to TruthJusticeLiberty.Org and help do a proper investigation and exposure of the criminal acts being exposed.

Ps. *67 will allow you to make an anonymous call, if you just want to tell them to look at the site

Here is a Phoenix News site list

News Desk Phone: 602-685-6351

AZFamily Contact Us ( News desk: *67(602) 207-3333 (if you get shawn, ask for somebody else)

FOX 10: Contact Us ( News Room: *67602-262-5109 (if you get Jade Fraiser, Christina or Jasmine, ask for someone else.)

FOX News Channel (New York) Comment Line: *67-888-369-4762

News room: *67(602) 257-1212

CNN: Send a tip to CNN - CNN there are several methods to contact CNN, None have been replied to yet.

MSNBC: *67(212) 664-6605 this is the reporter contact line but it will work the same.

Here are a few youtubes of the news room workers I was able to get in contact with.

You can also contact that media influencer you want to see do more...

For further details, recordings and evidence click the link below and share... and shout at a news agency and tell them to break this story open. Tell them ignoring this story will lead to further crimes and further inaction by law enforcement.

Thanks for helping to find accountability and ensuring these kids no longer go without the items they need to grow up healthy and be productive members of their communities. And thank you for ensuring these communities are no longer victimized.


This is the most recent letter sent to local stations by Congressman David Schweikert's Chief of Staff. ( This letter was written by me and sealed by the Congressmans staff, If you cant tell)

And these are the correspondence's from the FBI: I don't know if they are investigating, but they haven't done it in 4 yrs and now statutes may be approaching, its a shame.

And the letter from May 6th

Please do all you can to help.

note: the amount of millions (the amount that outreach is stealing) 2+ on average is from an averaging of the sales board figures from the time I was there and an unverified source.


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