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Shop With A Cop, A long running scam!

Criminals are not law enforcers and criminals deserve punishment! Twice as much if they steal from kids!

As you read this, evidence is disappearing, statutes of limitations for these crimes and others are expiring. The bosses of the mentioned company are likely teaching new criminals to commit their frauds, extortions and perversions, prying deep into the victim communities they are preying on. Plea's to law, government and news have been met with replies far short of reasonable. For four years these crimes have continued, what justifies a four year investigation, with new evidence showing up years after the initial complaints. What justifies ignoring the continued theft of children's charity funds? What can be done now? Read, share and hold all involved parties responsible! Call a fed or a news station.

Every year Phoenix Arizona company Outreach Marketing steals one to two and a half million dollars in donations! This money is collected under fraudulent practices and law enforcement impersonation to extort! Its called the outreach "SHOP WITH A COP" program, done in partnership with fraternal law organizations nationwide. Signed deals with the chiefs and head investigators of police and sheriffs departments, who run their local lodges. Donations are collected with the promise they will give at risk youth a positive experience with law enforcement, But more importantly, that the kids will get desperately needed items such as school clothes and supplies, warm winter clothes, holiday gifts and other necessities.

Outreach Marketing Llc. is run by Lester J. Travis, Graham Strickland, and Peter DellOlio. It operates at least two programs year round, Christmas and Back to School. One ends and they start calling for the other. Law enforcement lodges in deals with Outreach Marketing Llc. include several in Idaho. Boise Sheriffs association., Canyon County Sheriffs, Garden City Police, Ada Sheriffs, Treasure valley and others. Aurora PD in Colorado, Las Cruces Police in New Mexico. Overland Park Police in Kansas and more.

Outreach Marketing Llc. has ended operations in Scottsdale Az. and Texas Where they kept up to 90% of donations! In each location almost 1 million was raised per single year of events, the kids and causes saw almost none of it!!

During my employment for Outreach, I found that donations are not going to the kids and what's worse, They've taken advantage of deals with law enforcement to steal from the communities they're calling, pretending to be members of the sheriffs and police. Saying they're officers, captains, sergeants and deputies calling from the sheriff's, police departments and fraternal lodges to intimidate people, saying things like nobody's hurt or in trouble, Its not an emergency and speaking with tone and posture of authority. (like a traffic stop or a shake down)

These communities are told SHOP WITH A COP is 100% local and calls are being made from the local fraternal police and sheriffs lodge's. Their not, calls are made from Tempe, Az. by paid fundraisers. Communities are told 100% of donations go to the kids, but almost all the funds go to Outreach! Less than 10% of funds go to the kids! Finally outreach employees close the deal by sending their driver to pick the money up, saying "We won't be sending a cruiser by, but our driver will have proper lodge identification". I'm told they arrive in lodge apparel.

In meetings Graham and Lester tell employees to "Make them think your a cop" "Tell them your a cop" and talk employees through the lies of the script and coach them in the finer points of impersonating law enforcement that are not in the script.

(For full scripts follow the link at the bottom of this page.)

The scam doesn't end there, for any skeptics who don't believe they're speaking with law enforcement, There's another lie. It involves the phone lines of several of these fraternal lodges being transferred from the lodges in the states of operation to Outreaches Tempe Az. phone room, to the desk of supervisor Graham Strickland. So if someone calls the lodge, they get Graham. Who is also the voice of these lodges answering machines, or he was before lodges got wind of the noise I was making, got worried and swept it under the rug, Did they ever report the criminal fraud that their partners were committing? (You can hear some of the lodges answering machines on the home page and some of the responses from the law enforcers I informed about these crimes if you click on the big YouTube button down on the home page) Outreach also gives the non emergency numbers of their partners police and sheriffs stations, telling victims they call that the police or sheriffs department will verify that outreach is the "lodge" calling them, When I called these stations and asked if it was the lodge who called me, I was told it was the lodge and when I said it did not sound like an officer, I was then told it was not the lodge, it was a telemarketing company. There are more than a few recorded calls where I have to ask twice "hint" if its a member of law enforcement OR if "Its a paid fundraiser" that I was speaking with? (Has a single member of any of these law enforcement fraternities ever called to raise money? Do they give this same level of attention to the rest of their work?)

After recording their crimes, greed and ignorance I contacted and filed complaints with the FBI, FTC, BBB, The Attorney Generals of all involved states, The law enforcement in question and the Az Attorney General. Everyone of my criminal complaints has gone ignored, Been mishandled and I have been discouraged from making complaints, told that complaints can not be made by persons out of state, had the complaints referred to the FTC who does not investigate or stop crime, been cursed, told they didn't care, mocked and when investigations were done, evidence was not reviewed. Some (Ppd) were even bold enough to tell me they didn't review it and didn't care. (all recorded audio, you can hear some notable quotables on the youtube link below) To put it simply they didn't care.

This behavior is disturbing! Nationwide law enforcers have their citizens believing a bunch of criminals are the local police and sheriffs doing community outreach and building relationships. Outreaches employees are criminals, I personally have a criminal record that under normal circumstances should never be considered for employment in the fields of pharmaceuticals or law enforcement. So why are law enforcers giving their communities money to Outreach? How much suffering must these kids and their communities be submitted to? National security in not likely an issue here.. but I could be wrong. I have no doubt this is error and abuse on the part of the FBI, who I know has been informed in detail about these crimes for a far too long a time.

The media.

Why is news ignoring this, Why have they not said, nick we cant run a story yet but we will keep all the evidence and info you can provide? Why is their response 'they will reply if they are interested'. Because they do the work for the money not the community, their interests are in their revenue and will serve whoever pays them?

Elect Constituent Services.

Why have the constituent services of so many elect office ignored this?

There is no reason for this to continue. How come constituent services of numerous elected office refuse to inform me of the powers the elect have to investigate FBI inaction and call for accountability? Are all these politicians and their staffers selling us lies and half truths? They are college educated, they don't have an excuse for ignorance, its a government office! It took five different US representative offices to learn about the OIG Office of the Inspector General. Several pleas to get a congressional sealed email to provide news as a further plea for action. The only office who would do so is D. Schweikerts....

America needs our help. I am not sure of the specific crimes, but the statute of limitations for several I'm aware of and their evidences is approaching and no action has been taken! If you think there is a group or person to contact, do it. Hound them like it was your child's future depending on it!

If stopping this isn't our responsibility to our fellow Americans then what can you expect from them? Please share this on any and every social media platform you use!

Additionally here is a list of News contacts for Phoenix, the list will continue to grow as I can add to it.

News Desk Phone: 602-685-6351

AZFamily Contact Us ( News desk: *67(602) 207-3333 (if you get shawn, ask for somebody else)

FOX 10: Contact Us ( News Room: *67602-262-5109 (if you get Jade Fraiser, Christina or Jasmine, ask for someone else.)

FOX News Channel (New York) Comment Line: *67-888-369-4762

News room: *67(602) 257-1212

CNN: Send a tip to CNN - CNN there are several methods to contact CNN, None have been replied to yet.

MSNBC: *67(212) 664-6605 this is the reporter contact line but it will work the same.

Finally, This should not be a citizens responsibility to do the job of law and government. Ensuring that crimes are stopped is the spirit of law and government and should be law, punished criminally.. So very soon I will be adding a link to bill text requiring law enforcement to report crimes out of their jurisdiction to the responsible jurisdiction when reasonable means exist, as well as addressing other issues I have been burdened with or noticed. Including demanding that the FBI begin verifying receival of complaints by some means.

Till then here are the promised materials


REPORTS INFO AND EVIDENCES! EVERYTHING NEEDED TO CREATE A CASE ( full scripts and links to audio and document evidence can be found here

This is the letter I recently sent to numerous news agency's across the nation in effected states. No reply back to this one either. Its one of several hundred emails sent to media!

Additional info, evidence, documents and links to audio conversations can be found in the blog tiled The story and news




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