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A Balanced National Budget

This is the national debt.. there is no balanced national budget, there will not be a balanced national budget and don't ask again! joking

I think one of the most important issues we should ask... Is our debt dangerous?

What do I mean by dangerous.. Will the poor and working classes be duped into purchasing war bonds or offered land, subsidies, equity programs or other promises that our elect officials either know or don't know the government can provide? Will our debt cause our was declining poverty rate to increase? Will it lead to cuts in...something or another...

I will work on this bit by bit, please feel welcome to add comments.

The goal is to find a path to a balanced national budget, hopefully designed by well educated, experienced professionals.. I'm sure there's a few companies out there with government grants for just this reason?.. With a plan that is undeterrable by all normal and highly possible events..

Did you know, The biggest holder of US debt is the American people, not china. The health and social funding programs of our country are the largests spending and burden areas of our budget. Did you know that it has for the most part, always been that way and when then country went broke in its founding that the debt was eaten by business owners and purchasers of U.S. War bonds. The burden fell on the people. Then the freed slaves, then the people again. Plus Im sure there is lots of history in between I never heard.

CBO is a great site with lots of info...

Below is the best debt clock I have ever seen with countless tools. A great gift for any elected official who cant provide a balanced budget.. Unless the debts not dangerous.. Are the debts dangerous? If you can't tell me when broke is and the results of being broke, then I personally need to see a solution if I am to plan and feel confident in our nation and its states.

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