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Fair use short comings in US courts ( Az state and district 9 of the federal court) systems

This is (will be)a list of issues that limit fair use of the courts ( with references and experiences from the Arizona state court and Federal district #9).

It will be edited and updated/ revised continually as a working draft and the instances will be provided to the elected officials who are responsible and able to make the corrections and additions to ensure that justice is provided to not only the wealthy and educated, but everyone who sufferers at the hand of injustice and victimization. (The victims and their communities). I say elected officials, because these problems have not been addressed, nor solutions created by the employees who have (seen) encountered them or been alerted to issues that may exist. Either they did not take initiative or decided their income was more important than their duty to serve the community justice in a fair and constantly improving manner.

So here is where I will post the issues and detail who has been contacted and what actions are underway (if any).

(I will post an attention grabbing picture eventually) note to self.

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