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1 Minute Resolution Demand

This is an ever changing draft, if you would like to get involved use the contact info..

In our countries founding documents exists the entitlements that it would seem all humans should be entitled to: The Declaration of Independence: Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, (THE US CONSTITUTION: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.) ( U.S. Pledge of Allegiance: with liberty and justice for all) (and plenty more;)

what was not included (or fell out of practice) was, fair access to compensation when harmed, in a simple form.. available to even the dullard..

The problem is: The operation of the civil courts (State and Federal) is a determination of first rule and procedure: Have they been followed.. If not, the court does not care or consider if a plaintiff was clearly harmed by the defendant and clearly entitled to correction of the injury.. It allows the victimization to go unresolved..

That means even if an experienced judge sees a violation of law occurred it is ignored.

I believe the courts could operate more justly and better serve the community in whole..

So I have requested the state review the matter and create educational and functional materials to aid in the process of seeking justice.. It is a step in the right direction.. one I believe they should have already done.. One that I have chosen to do in a less direct way to 1.determine: Why the courts still operate void of consideration for victims who need a fair determination and not another burden to carry in pursuit of healing.. and 2. to assess the level of awareness, acceptance of the deprivations occurring and most importantly the general knowledge of workings of the legal system the legislators possess..

Because I have been lied to and ignored, treated so unfair by so many legislative offices (the elected officials and the people under their command... I thought the best course of action to request address of this issue would be to do so in the civil court, permanently filed as a docket.

Below is the text of a letter written to Az Legislatures and filed in the court as a first amendment redressing of grievances complaint, so there is no question as to what they will do .. or not do to solve the issues..

If you want to know more or help beyond sharing a story, reach out

The first filing was maliciously altered (Case Number : CV2023-001510), the docket was altered by either the filing staff, or another source... So I shortened it and filed it as CV 2023-007596

This is the maliciously altered claim Case Number : CV2023-001510

I havent had time to cut and paste it back to its original version.. but it still gives an idea..

The following Statement of Facts and Breach is a request for redress of grievances.

Because in recent years I have encountered a common practice by US Legislative staffers to send “franked” replies to letters they haven’t read (as a consistent practice, repeatedly even when pointed out and rebmitted several times... as opposed to not replying/an honest practice).I have been lied to by a Us legislator... or/and intentionally ignored by their staffers, Strung along for two sessions by an Az state legislator who told me research would be performed (the prerequisite was based on result of/ in exchange for contacting the several hundred school districts...) Only to be informed they had changed their mind and would not be drafting the legislation (I believe they lied... to stop my 1st amendment actions.)

Because even the C.I.A. has not been safe from hacking, Because even in the highest levels of government mistakes and perverse or incompetent staffers, conflicting ideologies.. exist, etc...

Therefore this request for address of grievances is being made in a formal public forum in the states civil court, fitting because the issue is of the courts operations.

To the Arizona Legislative body (House and Senate) Please provide each member with their own copy

This brief letter is a plea to correct an issue that causes injury constantly and alters the lives of numerous Arizonans (and Americans) every day, People are being deprived of their human rights. This issue is an opportunity for you to provide the following mentioned foundational civil right for these countless victims, or you can state a limitless number of possible excuses to allow continued oppression of American citizens... A timeless practice used by victim and victimizer to justify immoral and unfair behaviors.

The issue is a deficiency in the ability of the States (nations) courts to dispense justice to those wronged, For citizens unable to perform complex legal research ,file documents in format or make legal arguments, they are faced with fear of technical failings, burdens of court and opposing party legal fees for actual failures to (follow rules of text formatting),(state claim),(and dismissal for numerous other issues, that could be resolved), this even includes situations where its clear the law was violated... And this deficiency exists in the courts,and their rules and procedures no matter what the reason for the failing... Whether its because of poverty, (access to info), mental functioning, physical(pain preventing research, travel... etc.) or a combination of the several... I believe the best example I can provide you with is.. If a homeless veteran was walking across the street (with the right of way) and was struck by a maliciously reckless driver

and their injuries resulted in brain damage that prevented the victim from seeking damages in court(operating in the courts expectations and standards), the current functioning of the court would leave this person only a portion of themselves. Victim services(for AZ crime victims) can not collect for the pain incurred and if the victim was not competent to communicate with them, its likely they would/could not even get their medical bills payed.. There are numerous examples, negligence’s, malice’s, etc.. situations where the states civil courts can not make victims whole, According to US Department of Education research 54% or 130 million Americans have a reading comprehension level of 6th grade or lower. The CDC has stated that 10.8% of Americans have a mental disability (see exhibit at end of statement). When these people are victimized they’re unlikely to obtain justice for themselves or our communities, they may not be able to seek or obtain justice, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know they’ve been harmed and ignored (the judicial system has not implemented the accommodations needed for them to obtain justice), and the community (legislative, voting public, advocates)has not requested a correction of this deprivation of their human rights. These people require more than reading assistance, they need additional assistance’s in filing forms, and forming arguments... I am aware that ward or/and overseer of the poor and mentally disabled was never a favored job in our countries government bodies.. in its foundation, some states even had a fine for failure to perform the duty. But if you ignore these victims and similar, victimization will continue to deprive this states several communities (even the nation) of the benefits of a justice system that delivers justice every time its due (or at least attempts).

Im not asking you to fix it all at once, but a brave pursuit of justice in its principled form is bound to have only positive results for our legal system, giving the entire community a better opportunity for justice and it may only require minimal alteration to rules and minimal improvements, even if obtaining overseers is a tougher task than you can handle, there maybe a solution to be found in the state bar or the community... It would still ensure this body of government has done everything in its power to eliminate opportunity for victimization.. (pre filled forms, providing the elements needed to satisfy a claims requirements, templates examples of the most commonly “failed and or filed claims” (a) A statement of facts example. (b) Examples of motions to be filed. (c) Examples of properly filed discovery, questioning, and all other draftings that can be formatted into a template ,whatever cheap improvements can be made, make those and reach out to the community for the rest. (Im sure lawyers and judges would jump at the chance to have their templates (name stamped in recognition) used in the pursuit of justice)

The problem with the current system is this...

Even a toddler (likely anywhere in the world)will tell you “a person injured should be compensated to full repayment.” It is a moral understanding that is undeniable, if you knock over my ice-cream... you owe me an ice-cream, if I also skin my knee, you owe me a bandage, help to the doctor, maybe a second ice-cream, the pain and suffering... etc. ALL PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED BY NATURE AND ITS DESIGNERS TO FAIR TREATMENT, Free of excessive or burdensome, delay’s or denial’s.

[I hoped to provide a fair amount more research than this, but the court has taken almost 6 months and still not produced the requested info.. Approximately 90% of federal (and about the same for this state) civil cases are dismissed for failures (to state claim)... The nation, its courts and communities are either failing to explain what elements must be met to satisfy a claim or these victims are being deprived of justice. Either way it’s a burden.]

To deny us and continue to deprive US of the (human right)civil liberty of compensation when harmed would be to acknowledge and permit that injury... It would be to reduce the victims to less than equal and place yourselves in a higher position, as a conscious act as the states elect body. It would be an act of tyranny and oppression on top of the ever growing burden of dissent and counter culture weighting on us all, it would be a denial of the principal idea this nation was founded on. (Whether it be a restoration to ”justice for all”, or “improvements” to obtain it.)

This is a simple demand, to make the most minor of adjustments at the minimum costs to ensure the rules and procedures of the courts of Arizona no longer allow victimization. A few pre fill forms, volunteers (legal aids free of responsibility) for assisting people with mental deficiencies (not just readers for the blind).

I say demands because the foundation of democracy (or at-least this one) is a guarantee to justice. Because a request may imply that I (or others) consent to continued denial of justice, that you would deny me or stipulate in this public forum, that allowing situations where deprivations can happen is not acceptable... I would refer you to the Decleration

< Prudence, indeed;... accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.> (In this case the deprivation of the human entitlement to justice, in a court of law.) If you would deny this most polite plea to eliminate the constraining (and at times oppressive) practices from the states legal system and allow all citizens to obtain fair compensation... If you would deny because you believe you, your parties or someone you can “place” would better serve. You are not understanding this demand for humane treatment or the ideals that a healthy democracy should operate on, “a civilian population whom are acknowledged, accredited, valued and empowered as individuals and patriots regardless of their powers or wealth. A democracy inclusive of every individual...”

Or maybe you have a “greater good” reason for not being fair.. In that situation, I believe the people would want to hear your reasoning. While a deprivation of some liberties maybe tolerable, a denial of justice is a practice that is hard to accept from gov. officials acting on behalf of a government founded on it.

It is a willing acknowledgement you will take advantage of others in order to serve your purposes, it is a practice that cant and shouldn’t be accepted among those who seek peace and equality.. Just look how slavery has hindered this nations ability to prosper (in peace).

If you would deny, you fail to understand, I am not requesting to represent you, be your speaker, or run for office and pander to your parties constituents for your causes, I am not seeking government representation and it is not relevant to your acceptance of our inclusive governance system.(because you don’t like me isnt relevant beyond the statement(out of context, politically positioned excuses, fears, pressure, posturing, etc). Your acknowledgement is required to show your intent to not deprive the next person(s) of their works.

Your being offered an opportunity to correct the injustices that deprive and reduce our fellow Americans to less than.. To grant the victim a greater set of rights, To acknowledge <the guarded victims who don’t want to be abused by the political processes or manipulative media/community> a chance to acknowledge whatever shortcoming prevented you from seeing this problem and correcting it (for the sake of improving governing practices). To acknowledge it has caused me and others harm, apologize and correct.. Nothing more...

Is it fair for you to allow this burden to continue to fall on the legal system and its workers? Judges are forced (or subjected to pressure), court employees cant deny the deprivations they see, lawyers are allowed to take advantage of these “loopholes”, victimizers weather they be corporate or individuals are allowed to victimize and get off easy (deprivation of goods, services and medicines can cause harm that can be only guess work at how to obtain compensation.. And can leave people disabled.) People will surely say these characters must have know of the injustices they were part of? They must have been disabled by the system or ill minded, cowardly, selfish, corrupt, lazy or complacent, perverse in their priority confused as to who they serve. Those same workers will likely be or are frustrated in the system (and elect officials) that places their lives (and loved ones) in jeopardy for its failings, but these are unproductive deviations and excuses... The burden of service in question is not theirs (the actual instances of their lives are unique as they are individuals), it is yours... Panderers will likely lay blame, sway to a position that benefits them... media (and foolish actors) will comment ... but none of that matters, Will I be blamed for this “complaint”. Its not relevant to this complaint.

In conclusion.. If you want to advance (human rights) Arizonan and American civil liberties and be known for that, reply back stating your intent to research and work towards ensuring justice is for all, for every deprivation a correction ..

Alternatively this letter can be a conscious acknowledgement of your denial of human rights and natural liberties..

If you can deny this I don’t know what it will take to make you acknowledge and grant these undeniable entitlements, or gain respect for the other rights of the human existence, But I doubt it will truly be prosperous for “U.S.” or you. I am concerned about the ideology you hold in regards to the respects a human being is entitled to (or the possibilities for greater citizen indoctrination, inclusion, and acknowledgment in our greatly potentialed democracy). I look forward to your forward to your reply, with great hope for the future and still deep pains.

Nicholas woodall 512-297-8742

P.s. If your right to obtain justice is not up for debate.. Then neither should be any persons, and the oppressive laws and rules and procedures must be corrected.

Pss. If you hold some other hesitancy or reason to ignore me and this letter, such as conflicting political views and activities, issues with my criminal background, my civil cases, unfounded accusations or some other issues, I do shurly want to hear them as your failure to see and acknowledge the mentioned principal of fairness shows you may not be “in line with the public’s perspective” and believe the important issue and point of view is the pleading victim who can not survive any more injuries, or your allowance of the delays that result in further injury, and consider that in the time it takes to correct these errors you will have harmed (by failure of sight of the course) more people than I ever will.

Psss. If your concern is spending, can you put a price on what your equality is worth? There are plenty more examples and situations of failings.. But if you will not open dialogue... or believe acknowledgement and accreditation should be based on stipulations, due to whatever or fear an inability to control the situation and produce your desired result, its should not and can not apply to civil matters, even when they cross into as many overlapping issues and relationships as this..

Pssss. This is not my first attempt to contact members of this body about this deprivation....

Psssss. I am not opposed to contact outside of the courts, but a reply will alwalys be due, unless something happens in filing....

Ours is the lack of access to justice, restitution, compensation or resolution for victimizations of our poor, uneducated and ill stricken, an absence of the right to receive fair treatment by the legal system. Government attorneys ignore victims and charge victimless crimes, Courts delay and deny justice with arbitrary procedures and rules, they have tied their hands and ignore the harms incurred by the ill stricken, poor and uneducated at a rate of more than 90%(of civil cases) in some places.(states and federal courts). City Attorneys ignore the crimes of workers and avoid mediation when they think the case is an easy win.. So we either need government offered materials and civics classes to educate on how to understand the laws and use the increasingly complex justice system... or we need to find another route for providing justice to victims who have been injured, otherwise we are consenting to and allowing victimization to continue.

The answer is a review and implementation of procedures, practices and workers to ensure the victimization of our lowest citizens stops, to reduce the burden on our communities.


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