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The following is on hold, being researched and written (and rewritten)

Even in the very creation of our nation and the times that followed there has been

dispute as to what the meaning and intentions of the rights and entitlements

granted by our constitution and the bill of rights was, The following are notes from research (absent the actual research, its a work in progress) and thoughts or conclusions from how they were and are coming to be interpreted.


1st amendment interpretation and Freedom of religion for many of the 13 colonies meant "blue laws" such as bans on Sunday travel, bans on Playing bumper pool in certain places and days, bans on travel, oath of office required allegiance to a "Christian" belief,

The 2nd amendment practices of right to bear arms was as it is today restrictive in

the state of New York, in states like Pennsylvania {who required a Christian fealty

oath for service in office}the right was more permissive.

In recent times the 4th amendment has been flexed to allow for weapon frisks to

allow conducting of investigations when alternatively every person could be

considered as possessing a weapon and warned of proper behavior or restraint in

order for brief questioning and a retention of the privacy afforded by clothing.

The 5th has been interpreted to allow seizure of property before and without

conviction in some states. (Arizona and at least one or two others allow seized property to be sold before conviction)

The 6th right to speedy trial has not resulted in a larger highering, temp working or retaining of judges, instead the accused in some places wait up to a year or more for trial to proceed and are given a sentence time multiplier 1.5 to 3 days for 1 for incarceration while waiting..

The 7th was stated to refer to common law.. allowing the federal and state laws and courts (and judges) to widely determine when, how and if justice was entitled and granted and under what circumstances, and to what degree. The idea of speedy trial has again escaped and swift correction of injury has been ignored for a monotonous (burdensome) task of rules and procedures and allows victims to go deprived of swift compensation ignoring that their injuries could be disabeling and reduce their ability to be productive members of society..

Plenty more to come, if you want to add or have a comment please post it.

Just a thought, do the parties control the goverment or does the people? To what degrees in what areas, is the question, business lobbies, intrest groups intrest, but do the people, the widely dispersed individuals whos causes and reasons dont align to or... Is the family unit considered, the community ...


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