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Ready to fix that problem? Have a story? You can tell it here, or submit anonymously.

If you have a story or problem you would like help with. Use the comments, Go to the contact form or do both and tell me what we need to do. Anonymity is respected. Glory and praise are given when possible.

If you are not sure how to word or explain the issue(s) you have to present. Try this method.

1) Who, Is doing what. 2) This is what should happen and include any contact info that may be needed..

Rules for stories posted in comments are simple. If you are posting a story, You must have some proof (being a witness is proof) of your claims, I suggest before posting you make 2 or 3 backups of any evidence or proof you have and hide them. No gossip, no multiple postings or ads, or sales pitches, if you post that stuff, they will be removed. This is not the place to tell people you have pictures of big foot, Stories should be focused on oppression, abuses and improper workings in Government, Business, Social and Private lives, if it has to do with denied Truth, lack of Justice or increasing Liberty then your good to post. Also, No derogatory language or insults. Try to avoid saying things that may incriminate you or leave you open to be sued in civil court.

Don't forget that if you want to protect yourself and submit anonymously that you should return with a vpn, you can click the link to be sent to a cheap reliable one.

Then come back and provide an encrypted email if you want to be sure your message was received.. (Someone will reply back with a copy of the email)

You can Web search "what is an encrypted email" or just go with for a reliable account.

Do Not Assume any communications are secure and private, hacks dont always show untill its too late! Safety is always the best practice.

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Hi I’m sylvester I’m from Philadelphia I have evidence of organized crime by Philadelphia and the government of Philadelphia I need help to expose it

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