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So to be brief and then on to what coming: This site, my phones, emails and countless computers have been maliciously attacked numerous times over the several years, since I started this site I have had issues.

I say this because they have and remain a presence I can never be sure is there or not, and this country is not equipt to deal with the problem, without large resources the average American is at the mercy of potentially any tormenter. Law enforcement local, state and federal offer no services to identify issues or apprehend suspects, they have no referrals to private company's who can help, and have no info on how to reduce vulnerability. They got nothing, and I havent found anything meaningful when it comes to education and implementation that doesnt require serious time and skill.. So if you would like to suggest any educational materials to aid in defense or resolution, feel welcome..

Now whats coming or not

Research planed: I am looking at the first steps to reduce cost in the federal budget, I figure its like this, The biggest spending items are likely the easiest to reduce. Spending in health care: A way to reduce cost without reducing quality of care,

The country is or was already heading this way, can encouraging it move faster do the most good? What I have considered so far is: the most common spending is for common visits, the most common visits exhibit "z" symptoms, If "z" symptoms always result in "a set path of treatment" (a patient complains of pains, depression, etc., doctors refer or have lab work done or prescribe or a combination, if a group of complaints and visit reasons can be identified and streamlined and structured to reduce costs in visits and other expenses, we can cut costs, [ potentially: A patient has symptoms or believes they have condition 1 instead of scheduling a visit the paitient is requested to answer a list of questions in a form then reviewed by a person (or computer program) qualified to schedule initial lab work and physical tests, in common symptoms where there is no alternate course this can reduce the costs related to office visits.. potentially] the first step is finding the largest and most common spending issues and determing if the process can be cost cut without sacrificing quality of care.

simple as that. links to cdc and begings of research are bottom of page..

Other research planing is in progress but this was what I thought was most significant

Medical cost cutting/ aka doctors and land lords may be mad, but tax payers happy" a name in progress

still needs costs found and sources checked for fine detail


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