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Will you be...Worked 2 Death!

Will you be...Worked 2 Death? (( This article is a work in progress.. the title should read A path to freedoms, comfort in security and personal time.. But its a working title , the problem is, there is no solution.)) its also poorly composed.. but any improvement is better than no improvement.

So, will you be worked to death?

Many Americans think so, for people in the middle and lower classes it's a growing percent. THEM!, US!!! From age 6 till 18 most Americans are required to attend school, from 18 till 65 most Americans will be working and since the average lifespan is 75 yrs, for only 10 yrs of our life's, will we get actual rest and time for personal devotions before we die! We will be constrained by the limitless worry's of obligations to other people for approximately 86% of our life's! For at-least 260 days a year for 47 years or more, you will be working AND WHEN YOUR 65 AND YOUR ABOUT TO RETIRE, you have only aches and death to look forward to! This would make any human unhappy (Buttt, Dont get frightened... there may be a happy ending yet).

... Pew research says that 30% of Americans are lower class, 50% middle and another 20% are upper-class, since the 2018 pew article was written the numbers have likely shifted toward a larger lower due to covid restrictions and the resulting losses..

Not only will most of us be in servitude to another person... We will have to worry that the business operators, landlords, neighborhood politicians and slummafians in our lives are bothered by the life decisions, personal choices and opinions that we and the people around us make. For many Americans (people) existence is burdened by worries of serv-evil vs conflict.. A worry that just simple survival for the purpose of survival is serving a comfort or controlling class of Americans and somewhere someone involved us in unfair practices, unnecessary waste and numerous conflicts.. For likely generations we have heard idiotic slogans like "You cant fight city hall, "Just do your job", "Mind your own business" "They will look into it" "Thats all we can do" "They are busy" and they go on.. just like the problems that go unsolved when you listen to that type of distorted, dodgy ideology.. Sure many do better listening to those destructive quotes.. but that burden will show up somewhere else... When will we find contentment and happiness... first we need to look at the burden..

What do all these burdens amount to? They deny us the security we need to be happy! They leave us vulnerable in events like covid or simply preparing for situations that may arise in our futures.. Even before covid we lived every day knowing that the potential of the American peoples ability to thrive is being hindered.. Were deprived, were denied the opportunity's of access to a greater comfort.. were denied freedom of expression free from our work lives ( Your boss wants to know your social media accounts, the clubs and political parties your involved in.. ) Were denied opportunity in innovation (patents costs several or tens of thousands of dollars to obtain and even minor modifications to an existing patent could allow a competitor to take your idea). Were denied access to justice (numerous fees and the unchecked complexity and arbitrary rules of the court system prevent most cases from being determined (( I have heard numbers as high as "98% of civil cases are dismissed for failure to state claim")), judges and court employees ignore the inability of the majority of people to obtain justice in the courts, Instead of standing up, they serve they own pockets over the people..) Were denied reasonable access to shelter, (knowing that your home is not yours for 30yrs and in that time, if you fail to pay you can lose everything.. even in year 29, Rental agreements are often stifiling of the liberties we possess as Americans and plagued with troubles). According to the U.S. Department of Education, 54% of adults in the United States have prose literacy below the 6th-grade level, the 46% are college educated and a great rift of communication exists. All these burdens and the numerous unmentioned leave us in an uncomfortable position............

We know that we are overburdened... and many dont have the skills or ability to survive beyond a few months.

We know that we are not capable of preparing for the future properly.. and the solutions provided by the mainstream arguments of our political parties, major television and social media.. They have not presented any real answers. Their ideas are so old, tired and tried you can find them in history books. So the creator of TruthJusticeLiberty.Org had a thought, what can be done to make real improvements in the lives of the common American, improvements that will help America and Americans. How do we obtain the comfort and possibilities that come from knowing that our existence is not so burdened by these constraints?

The answer.. start doing research to find solutions for these problems.. If you have an idea, or education in the fields related to these or other problems.. then reachout and take this opportunity to improve our nation.. Show me a business plan that balances a city budget, or reduces burden or cost. Show me anything...

EDIT LINE________________________________

If you have an idea or story about how to lower the cost of housing, transportation, food, health or other items by new innovative ways, inventions of materials or new designs that will help Americans to embrace a dream of safety, comfort and

So ask yourself this? What are you working for? What else could you risk or devote to attempting to achieve valuable results? What are you being deprived of...

But the real question is... What will we gain and how can we gain more? If your lower and middle class, you are likely working to pay the loan on a house and a vehicle if you're doing good, if you're not.. you are renting and leasing.. (unless your transitioning,, but that is a small variance..) If you're lucky you're working 40hrs and earning what you need, if you're not, you're working 80hrs and your boss is just informed you that the company is implementing mandatory overtime to meet quotas... and there will be no raises.

If you encounter a situation that deserves or requires your attention, not working's not an option, you'll lose everything you've worked for. You can't take time to educate your kids or practice them into the increasingly complex social mechanics that are needed to stand out or grow beyond our abilities.. You can't take care of sick or elderly family, you can't devote a few years to social and political improvements, address issues of deterioration or conflicts ... or any situations that demand the continued attention and perseverance that is normally required to get a result or remedy situations like the mentioned.

With so much of our lives dedicated to serving survival and in the case of the middle and lower classes serving others we dont have the option to enrich or advance our society, increase our intelligence or build towards xxxxxxxxxxxx

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest issues Americans (and most humans) are faced with. The debt that surviving demands from our time.. <What is the first step to solving a problem? Know what it is! and step two is how you fix it!> How can we gain a larger time or increased comfort? Do we work a way to lower housing costs? how do we do that?What would it take? A personal practice or strict adherence to rules ? An active community effort in agreement or understanding? Artfull business and trade? Laws? This is one of many issues most Americans dont have an answer for..

Can we change the price of homes, vehicles, clothing and food.. By what other way can we improve our situations as Americans who currently have a reasonable ammount of liberty to investigate issues like this.. we may not get car advertisments... b

But at TruthJusticeLiberty.Org, Its something we know is a very important issue..

So in the hopes that 'we can determine what actions could be taken to lower our responsibility to necessary debts of simple survival... Share this story or another story


This is a direction not necessarily a good way to go.. an alternative would be to leave this unmentioned and ask only how to solve the solution and write to enable and encourage the ability to act as part of the people who control .. while also addressing the issue of conflict that people usually wish to avoid.

All these things are left to those comfortable or risky enough to join the controlling class.. they are the bosses, the union leaders, the media, the political party leaders and the elected...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Pew research link for the sizes of American financial classes.

This article cant be verified because the wells fargo data it references is a dead link.

Bored? Check out the art button up top... or submit a story or idea?


But most importantly, the debts or burdens of just simple survival to be able to serve for the purpose of serving later deny us the ability to be secure in events like covid or in situations that may arise in the future.. zz

((what % work what % of their lives?)) How much time is devoted to cleaning from the day finished and preparing for the next, or the other maintenance that revolves around a day of work.. or recuperating from it.. a full time job works about 250-260 days a year, not counting overtime. that's at least 2/3rds of the year for every year worked.. and 86% of your entire life where you will be constrained by an obligation to another person. <<confirm fact in trusted research..>>


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